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CakesBerlin is your source for natural, unique, and delicious cakes for any occasion.

We're pleased to take part & create unique cakes for all of your important life events!

On this page, you can custom a cake from the selection below.

All of our cakes are unique and made to order, as the ever-changing seasons of flowers; 

therefore, please use the below gallery as an approximate projection of the final creation.

Once submitted, you will be receiving an email (within 2 workdays)  with a feedback/ confirmation

& all the details on how to pay and book your cake.

- Please keep an eye on your email (& spam folder, too).

The boho babe

White half-naked cake

decorated with fresh & dried flowers.

- feathers & gold drip on request -

The ruffles babe

CakesBerlin´s answer to the nostalgic ruffles cake.

Buttercream piping & pearls.

- Flowers on request -

The shag cake

This cake is all about letting go and let her glow!

This monster is fun, included furry icing, sprinkles & sweets.

Expect the unexpected!

The concrete

Semi-concrete icing, chocolate spikes, popcorn & golden details

The rainbow

Welcome to the place of magic!

3D icing-rainbows, ruffles & a REAL unicorn included.

the cloud

This cake is all about pillow-soft creamy clouds.

Sprinkled with goodness.


Can´t find what you´re looking for?

We´ll be happy to custom a new design for you!

Please note, this option available for orders placed at least 10 days prior to pickup/ delivery date.

For Wedding cakes - click here.

Drop us an email with the following details, to:

Type of event/ who we making the cake for?

Number of guests attending the event

Wanted style, scheme colors & elements

Date & pickup/ delivery time



  • Expect to receive an order confirmation via email within the next 2 working days (between Monday-Friday), so keep checking your inbox (& spam folder).

  • Please be advised that inquiries/ orders are not processed on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • If you haven't heard from us by then, email us at to follow up. Just in case! 

  • *Important: Order requests submitted one working day or less prior to collection/delivery date will not be accepted. 

  • We require proof of payment for your order at least 48 hours before your order date - failure to comply will result in your order being canceled.

  • Your celebration is in less than 3 days & you need a gorgeous cake? Submit your order through one of the forms above and give us a call quickly to make it work: +49 1578 02 69 563. Please note, a last-minute rush fee (12%) might be added to your order.

  • Cancellation policy:  

  • If you wish to reschedule your order for another date, please email us a request with the desired date & time - at least 3 weeks prior to the collection/ delivery date. The reschedule is free of charge, but dependant on our availability.

  • If you wish to cancel your order, please send us a written request at least 3 weeks in advance. Keep in mind the down payment (or full payment, in case of delivery) charged in advance is non-refundable, but you can request a voucher for future order (minus 15% proccing fee).

  • In the unlikely event that CakesBerlin is unable to complete your order due to personal circumstances, and/ or in the unlikely event that CakesBerlin is unable to stay open and/ or produce cakes within your cake order date (due to CoronaVirus regulations given by the German government), your cake credit will be transformed into a voucher which you will be able to claim within 12 months (as a single order).

  • All of our recipes are based on smooth and light sponge butter cake. All flowers decorating your cake are fresh or dried and should be taken off the cake before serving the cake. 

  • Allergies and substitutes: All of our cakes contain  (or might contain) eggs, sugar, milk products, lactose, gluten, nuts (including peanuts and others), and we are unable to substitute these ingredients in our recipes.


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