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  • Your celebration is in less than 6 days & you ordered a cake? Give us a call quickly to make it work: +49 1578 02 69 563. Please note, in certain cases, a last-minute rush fee might be added to your order.

  • Cancellation policy: The down payment charged in advance and is non-refundable. 

  • In the unlikely event that CakesBerlin is unable to complete your order due to personal circumstances, and/ or in the unlikely event that CakesBerlin is unable to stay open and/ or produce cakes within your cake order date (due to CoronaVirus regulations given by the German government), your cake credit will be transformed into a voucher which you will be able to claim within 6 months (as a single order).

  • All of our recipes are based on smooth and light butter cake. The filling cream based on fresh cream and cream cheese. The surface iced with buttercream. Deco flowers are all fresh and real and should be taken off the cake before serving the cake. 

  • Allergies and substitutes: All of our cakes contain  (or might contain) eggs, sugar, milk products, lactose, gluten, nuts (including peanuts and others), and we are unable to substitute these ingredients in our recipes.


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